Lebanese Women Angel Fund



An impact initiative redefining the role of women in business beyond social and economic boundaries, empowering women to become seed investors.


Are you a Lebanese woman entrepeneur and looking for empowerement to become seed investors? The Lebanese Women Angel Fund offers coaching, mentorship, and networking opportunities once you sign up to their classes



“LWAF 2017-18, a collaboration between IM Capital and LLWB, gathers 23 women in a class and guides them through a ‘learn & earn’ methodology that includes education and investment.

Beneficiaries include enrolled women investors on the one hand, as well as entrepreneurs of SMEs registered in Lebanon on the other, namely women entrepreneurs. Also to be noted is that jobs will directly be created by angel investments in the businesses.

The ultimate beneficiaries of the project are potential and existing women entrepreneurs with new commercial ideas and existing startups that are on the verge of expansion, and this number would amount to around 32 women entrepreneurs for every LWAF class. The project seeks to fill funding gaps faced by these firms due to the nature of the products or services they offer, which cannot yet be collateralized and are seen as too risky by commercial banks.

Secondary beneficiaries are various ecosystem enablers such as incubators, accelerators, etc…whose own capacity to produce investable and fundable startups will increase by tapping into projects that went through pitching processes for LWAF, even if the investing decision was negative by the latter.”