A New and Innovative Platform for Financing Lebanon’s Small Agri-Food and Agri-Tourism Projects.


Are you a Lebanese farmer with a small project to be funded, requiring a capital for seed, expansion and export? Then check out the alternative source for funding your projects: Crowdfarming Lebanon.


“Saned Partners is an independently managed Venture Capital fund, aiming to nurture early-stage companies in the MENA region into growth and profitability.
Although Saned is sector agnostic, Saned focuses on entrepreneurs specializing in:

  • – Information Technology
  • – Telecommunication
  • – Media
  • – Light Manufacturing
  • – Food & Beverage
  • – Consumer Services

With an investment range of US$100,000 to US$400,000, Saned Partners is seeking influential minority shares in target companies, leaving management control to the entrepreneurs. That said, Saned Partners reserves the right to have one seat on the company’s Board, and will exercise a commensurate level of influence over major strategic decisions impacting the sustainability of the company, whenever needed.

Aside from financing, Saned Partners will leverage its regional networks and solid expertise to walk its portfolio companies through their growth process and unleash their full-potential.”