Taste of Lebanon at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington


In an attempt to put Lebanon on the trade map and to connect Lebanese producers with potential export opportunities on the US market, the Lebanese Embassy in Washington DC organized a 3-day event in December 2021 titled ‘Taste of Lebanon’. The event was organized under the patronage of the Minister of Economy and Trade Mr. Amin Salam, in collaboration with Fair Trade Lebanon, BIEEL, ALI, IDAL, and supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Beirut through RMF and PSDP.

The attendees participated in this ‘Meet the buyer’ event, along with 31 other Lebanese companies and around 80 invitees. Several US food agents and brokers were brought on board to provide future consultancy and ensure a smooth market entry.

The first day of the event focused on introducing the members to all attendees. The companies’ representatives worked on building business linkages with the event attendees and on highlighting the importance of opening new markets for the Lebanese products. One-on-one B2B virtual meetings followed during the next two days, where business connections were built and compliance regulations and procedures were explained.

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