Promoting Lebanese Gastronomy and Specialty Food Products


On the 5th of November 2021, the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade, represented by Minister Amin Salam, and Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL), represented by its President Mr. Samir Abdelmalak, signed a Memorandum of Understanding under the “Enhance Business innovation and Exports for Lebanon” (BIEEL) project. This project is initiated by US MEPI and implemented by FTL. It aims to support local producers and cooperatives in the agri-food sector in developing their business and easing access to export markets.

FTL and the Ministry of Economy and Trade will collaborate to promote Lebanese gastronomy and specialty food products by:
  • Organizing international exhibitions and trade missions in targeted countries with promising markets for Lebanese products, to facilitate exports and help local producers expand.
  • Cooperating to increase capacities of the beneficiaries’ by organizing specialized workshops on food safety, export standards, and other topics.
  • Developing a national brand for Lebanese products

This partnership step is vital to support the agri-food sector in Lebanon, boost exports, and help small and medium sized producers and cooperatives.

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